V-Secure Database Confirms COVID Jab Hazards

In an October 4, 2022, Fox Information interview, civil rights legal professional Aaron Siri, authorized counsel for the Knowledgeable Consent Motion Community (ICAN), shared stunning V-Secure information obtained from the Facilities for Illness Management and Prevention after a number of authorized calls for.

For greater than 15 months, the CDC fought to not launch any of those information. ICAN needed to file two lawsuits and a number of appeals to get the CDC handy it over, and once you see the information, you perceive why.

What Is V-Secure?

By now, many know in regards to the existence of the Vaccine Adversarial Occasions Reporting System (VAERS), a publicly obtainable database for vaccine opposed occasion stories, collectively managed by the CDC and the U.S. Meals and Drug Administration.

V-Secure1 is one other database managed and monitored by the CDC. It is a voluntary “after vaccination well being checker” deployed to gather information on those that bought the COVID jab.

Anybody in america can enroll in V-Secure, utilizing their smartphone, after receiving any dose of COVID-19 vaccine. Mother and father also can enroll their underage kids to maintain tabs on well being results. In the course of the first week after every dose, V-Secure will ship you a each day textual content message asking for particulars in your well being and well-being. After that, check-ins are despatched out on an intermittent foundation.

What Does V-Secure Present?

So, what does the V-Secure information, which the CDC was so reluctant to launch, really present? Are the COVID jabs as innocent as they’re claimed to be? Removed from it.

As detailed by Siri, out of the ten million individuals enrolled in V-Secure, 7.7% (770,000 individuals) required medical care after getting the shot and 25% (2.5 million individuals) missed work or faculty or suffered a critical facet impact that affected their day-to-day life.

v-safe covid vaccine adverse health impacts

As famous by Siri, these numbers are extraordinary. One of many key messages we got was that whereas COVID was not a big menace to all individuals, getting the shot would restrict the variety of hospitalizations, deaths and days missed from work on account of an infection.

Properly, we now see that 25% of those that bought the shot ended up lacking work or faculty due to the uncomfortable side effects, and seven.7% wanted medical care. That is staggering, and utterly nullifies the CDC’s argument that everybody ought to get the shot, whether or not they’re in a high-risk class or not, and whether or not they’ve already had COVID-19 or not.

Huge Immune Response Sign

The V-Secure information additionally present a large sign with regard to the jab inflicting an opposed immune response. 4 million individuals, out of the ten million — 40% — reported joint ache. Two million, or 20%, reported “average” joint ache and 400,000, or 4%, categorised the ache as “extreme.”

As famous by Siri, joint ache is commonly an indication of an immune response and may very well be trigger for concern when it happens after vaccination, particularly when you think about that the pictures have been supposed to guard the aged, who already are likely to have joint issues.

v-safe covid vaccine symptoms

The V-Secure database additionally reveals that although fewer doses of Moderna have been registered, it is mRNA shot accounts for a bigger portion of detrimental results, in comparison with Pfizer’s jab.

ICAN has now constructed a searchable dashboard of this V-Secure information.2 Within the video beneath, Albert Benavides (who goes by the identify Welcome the Eagle 88), an RCM skilled, information analyst and auditor, gives a tour and overview of how one can use the dashboard, together with a few of its strengths and weaknesses.

Why Did the CDC Battle to Preserve V-Secure Knowledge Hidden?

In an October 5, 2022, Substack article, Steve Kirsch commented on the V-Secure information dump:3

“V-Secure is a voluntary security monitoring program put in place by the CDC to watch opposed reactions after individuals take a vaccine. The V-Secure information reveals that 33.1% of the individuals who bought the vaccine suffered from a big opposed occasion and seven.7% needed to search skilled medical care.

These are extraordinary numbers. They clearly present the vaccines are unsafe, that the CDC intentionally hid this info from the American public, and that the drug firms falsified the information within the trials … the CDC just isn’t defending the American individuals. They’re defending the producers of the vaccines.”

As famous by Kirsch, uncomfortable side effects may very well be both under- or overestimated in V-Secure, or each, as some may ignore V-Secure requests to reply questions, and others could solely join or be incentivized to fill out the questionnaire in the event that they undergo an issue.

Moreover, the choices for reporting a facet impact are predefined and really generic, so individuals is perhaps experiencing results that did not match any of the predefined classes of damage. Importantly, loss of life just isn’t reportable to V-Secure, as lifeless individuals can’t use their telephones. So, we’ve no means of understanding what number of of those 10 million registered V-Secure customers have died.

Nonetheless, “Whether or not the charges in V-Secure is over-reported or under-reported is a purple herring,” Kirsch says. “The problem that ought to concern everyone seems to be the CDC hid all of the V-Secure information from everybody your entire time.”

Along with spending taxpayer {dollars} to forestall the discharge of this info — which we’ve each proper to — the CDC additionally stopped selling use of V-Secure round Could 2021, mere months into the COVID jab rollout. As famous by Kirsch, this was in all probability as a result of “it turned crystal clear that it was accumulating information that confirmed the vaccines have been unsafe.”

CDC Ignored Clear ‘Dying’ Sign

In an October 3, 2022, article,4 Kirsch additionally factors out that the components the CDC makes use of to set off security alerts — described in its VAERS commonplace working procedures guide5 — is “critically flawed.” May that be intentional as nicely?

In July 2021, Matthew Crawford printed a three-part sequence6,7,8 on how the CDC was hiding security alerts. In August 2021, Kirsch additionally knowledgeable the company of those issues, however was, after all, ignored. Nonetheless, “even utilizing their very own flawed components, ‘loss of life’ ought to have triggered a sign,” he writes. But the CDC didn’t notify the general public of what they’d discovered. This is an excerpt from Kirsch article:9

“If you need goal proof of whole ineptitude by the CDC and the medical neighborhood in monitoring the security of the COVID vaccines, that is the article you have been ready for. We use their numbers and their very own algorithm and present that it ought to have triggered a security sign for ‘loss of life.’

There isn’t a means they’ll argue their means out of this one … We want look no additional than the vaccine security sign monitoring components10 utilized by the CDC to show our level …

The components the CDC makes use of for producing security alerts is essentially flawed; a ‘dangerous’ vaccine with numerous opposed occasions will ‘masks’ giant numbers of vital security alerts … Let me summarize the important thing factors for you in a nutshell:

PRR [proportional reporting ratio] is outlined on web page 16 within the CDC doc11 as follows …

calculation of proportional reporting ratio

A ‘security sign’ is outlined on web page 16 within the CDC doc as a PRR of not less than 2, chi-squared statistic of not less than 4, and 3 or extra instances of the AE [adverse event] following receipt of the precise vaccine of curiosity. That is the well-known ‘and clause.’ Right here it’s from the doc:

proportional reporting ratio

Solely somebody who’s incompetent or is intentionally making an attempt to make the vaccines look protected would use the phrase ‘and‘ within the definition of a security sign. Utilizing ‘and’ implies that if any one of many circumstances is not happy, no security sign can be generated. As famous beneath, the PRR will hardly ever set off which nearly ensures that almost all occasions generated by an unsafe vaccine won’t ever get flagged.

The PRR worth for the COVID vaccines will hardly ever exceed 1 as a result of there are such a lot of opposed occasions from the COVID vaccine as a result of it’s so harmful (i.e., B within the components is a big quantity) so the numerator is at all times close to zero. Therefore, the ‘security sign’ is never triggered as a result of the vaccine is so harmful.”

A Fictitious Instance

Utilizing a fictitious vaccine as the instance, Kirsch goes on to clarify how an exceptionally harmful vaccine will fly beneath the radar and never get flagged, due to the CDC’s flawed components:12

“Suppose we’ve the world’s most harmful vaccine that causes opposed occasions in everybody who will get it and generates 25,000 totally different opposed occasions, and every opposed occasion has 1,000 cases.

That implies that the numerator is 1,000/25,000,000 which is simply 40 occasions per million reported occasions. Now let’s take a look at actuals for one thing like deaths. For all different vaccines, there are 6,200 deaths and 1 million opposed occasions whole.

Since 40 per million is lower than 6,200 deaths per million, we’re not even near producing a security sign for deaths from our hypothetical vaccine which killed 1,000 individuals in a yr … The purpose is {that a} harmful vaccine can look very ‘protected’ utilizing the PRR components.”

Calculating Dying Sign for COVID Jab

Subsequent, Kirsch calculates the PRR (proportional reporting ratio) for loss of life for the COVID jab, utilizing VAERS information and the CDC’s definitions and components.

As of December 31, 2019, there have been 6,157 deaths and 918,717 opposed occasions whole for all vaccines apart from the COVID shot. As of September 23, 2022, there have been 31,214 deaths and 1.4 million opposed occasions whole for the COVID jabs. This is the components as defined by Kirsch:13

“PRR = (31,214/1.4e6) / (6,157/918,717) = 3.32, which exceeds the required threshold of two. In different phrases, the COVID vaccine is so lethal that even with all of the opposed occasions generated by the vaccine, the loss of life sign didn’t get drowned out!

However there may be nonetheless the chi-square take a look at. Chi-square take a look at outcomes have been 18,549 for ‘loss of life,’ which significantly exceeds the required threshold of 4. The CDC chi-square take a look at is clearly happy for the COVID vaccine. As a result of the loss of life sign is so big, it even survived the PRR take a look at.

Which means that even utilizing the CDCs personal inaccurate … components, all three standards have been happy:

1. PRR>2 [PRR greater than 2]: It was 3.32

2. Chi-square>2 [Chi-square greater than 2]: It was 18,549

3. 3 or extra stories: There have been over 31,214 loss of life stories obtained by VAERS … which is greater than 3

A security sign ought to have been generated however wasn’t. Why not? … Does anybody care? Lots of of 1000’s of American lives have been misplaced as a result of incapacity of the CDC to deploy their very own flawed security sign evaluation …

It has been identified since not less than 2004 that utilizing reporting odds ratio (ROR) is a greater estimate of relative threat than PRR.14 I do not know why the CDC would not use it.”

CDC Can’t Declare It Did not Know

The CDC is liable for monitoring each VAERS and V-Secure, and between these two databases, there is no attainable means they may ever say they did not know the pictures have been harming and killing tens of millions of People.

The CDC additionally has entry to different databases, together with the Protection Medical Epidemiology Database (DMED), which (earlier than it was deliberately altered15) confirmed huge will increase in debilitating and deadly circumstances, together with a tripling of most cancers instances.16

The findings in these databases have by no means been introduced ahead throughout any of the CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) conferences or the FDA’s Vaccines and Associated Organic Merchandise Advisory Committee (VRBPAC) conferences, at which members have repeatedly voted to authorize the jabs to individuals of all ages, together with infants and pregnant girls.

If the CDC was the truth is monitoring these databases, as required, there’s merely no means they may have continued to authorize these pictures based mostly on the information. Is that why these information have been by no means reviewed? In all probability. ACIP and VRBPAC members, for no matter purpose, merely did not need to know the reality. However the CDC has identified all alongside, and there is no excuse for not sharing and appearing on that information.

Assist Unfold the Phrase

The media are ignoring all of this — the V-Secure information and the CDC’s failure to behave on a transparent security sign (and the sign being loss of life, of all issues!), even when utilizing a components that was flawed from the beginning. So, unfold the phrase. Everybody must know these details. It is not hypothesis, it is the CDC’s personal information.

The CDC wants to clarify why they spent our tax {dollars} to combat the discharge of the V-Secure information for 15 months, and why they did not halt the pictures when a “loss of life” sign was evident. The mainstream press, members of Congress, the medical neighborhood and Universities additionally want to clarify why they refuse to research these CDC information. To that finish, listed here are just a few strategies for how one can assist:

Help Sen. Ron Johnson, at the moment the one senator keen to research the reality of the COVID jabs.

Write or name your members of Congress and ask them to research the CDC’s security monitoring. As famous by Kirsch, “You merely can’t have a security company not have the ability to monitor security.”

Contact your native newspaper and urge them to research and report on the V-Secure information, the VAERS information and the CDC’s failure to behave when a security sign was detected.

Share the information on social media and ask why nobody within the media, Congress, academia or medical neighborhood is investigating these issues.

Share this info together with your physician and members of the medical neighborhood.

Additionally share it with college directors, and ask them to clarify how and why, in gentle of those details, they’re nonetheless mandating COVID pictures for his or her college students.

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