The way to Look after String of Pearls Crops

The String of Pearls, often known as the Curio Rowleyanus, is a novel trailing succulent. If I have been to call one plant that has my coronary heart, it will be this one. I believe it’s the most stunning houseplant!

The plant originates from the southern tip of Africa, and its uniqueness makes this plant a favourite for plant mother and father. String of Pearls is a creeping succulent that has inexperienced balls for leaves (they seem like peas)!

On this submit, I’m going to share some recommendations on caring for a string of pearls. I can even share another species of this plant household on the finish of the submit.

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If you get a string of pearls from a backyard retailer, what’s subsequent? You’ll need some well-draining succulent soil combine, which you should buy at most backyard facilities. It has a mixture of soil and sand.

The sand helps support in soil aeration and lets the water move extra freely by the soil. I additionally prefer to put some further perlite in my succulent soil.

Perlite is present in nature and is definitely fashioned by volcanic eruptions. Perlite is nice for serving to your soil drain the water out sooner, as effectively. 

For pots, get one that’s about the identical measurement (positively not smaller) or a tiny bit greater than the plastic pot that it got here in (it should doubtless are available in a plastic hanging basket). I like to make use of a terracotta pot or an earthenware pot. 

A very powerful facet when selecting a pot is that it should have a drainage gap so the water has a manner of escaping. If the water can not escape the pot, then there’s a good likelihood the plant may die as a result of being waterlogged.

Subsequent, combine up your soil with a few scoops of perlite and have it able to go. Take your pot and put slightly soil within the backside.

Subsequent, fastidiously take away your string of pearls from the pot by gently inserting your hand on high of the plant, barely wiggle the pot till the plant pops out.

You may lose a number of pearls (leaves) on this course of, however that’s OK! Place your plant within the pot and ensure the plant sits about even with the pot’s rim. I put the roots about 1 centimeter underneath the rim and the pearls are all on high of the rim.

Don’t let the plant lay decrease than the pot’s rim as a result of water can pool on high of the leaves. 

The plant likes to drink up mild and path over the sting of the pot. Upon getting the crown of the plant positioned appropriately, take the additional filth and backfill across the plant. I like utilizing a chopstick to push down the filth across the plant.

When you’re achieved backfilling the filth, the string or pearls will doubtless want untangling (particularly in case you have an extended one). Be affected person throughout this course of. If I barely tug on a stem it may snap!

Fastidiously search for an entire stem and gently untangle it so it lays draping over the pot. I’m going round the entire plant till all stems are untangled. You’ll most likely lose a number of extra pearls throughout this course of too, however it’s OK! 

Observe: Though this plant has plenty of wonderful qualities, string of pearls crops are poisonous for people and pets if ingested. If a bead (leaf) falls off a stem onto the ground, then I’ll rapidly choose it up so my canine doesn’t eat them. 


The string of pearls likes a shiny and sunny setting in your house. An east or west dealing with window will work nice. I place mine proper close to a window to allow them to drink up plenty of mild.

Attempt to keep away from inserting it close to any vents or drafty components of your private home (close to a door opening up within the winter, and so on.). It won’t like several form of excessive air temperatures blowing on it. Through the hotter summer time months, it’s also possible to put it underneath a solar porch or coated porch to take in shiny oblique mild.

Direct daylight may burn your plant, so attempt to keep away from it sitting within the solar for hours on finish or they’ll get scorched. When temps start to drop, deliver your plant indoors.

Earlier than you deliver it indoors, all the time examine for pests or bugs. After I was bringing in my succulents from our coated porch on the finish of summer time, I discovered a child black widow hiding underneath a leaf. This has occurred to me once more a few years later!

My lesson was discovered rapidly so totally examine any plant earlier than you deliver it again into your private home.


Determining a watering routine and attending to know your plant’s schedule will actually repay. String of pearls don’t prefer to get soaked or sit in water for lengthy durations of time. I prefer to say that I “moisten” my string of pearls as a substitute of watering them.

This helps remind me that they don’t want extreme water. The plant has a shallow root system, so usually the highest half of my string of pearls pot wants water. I take advantage of a small vessel with water in it and calmly water over the entire high of the plant.

Overwatering the string of pearls would be the largest killer to your plant. You’ll be able to inform if a plant is overwatered by the leaves trying squishy or they lose their deep inexperienced shade and change into a bit translucent and delicate. 

If you’re searching for a brand new string of pearls, be aware of this. You’ll desire a plant with deep inexperienced pearls and soil that isn’t waterlogged.

Undecided when to water your string of pearls? It actually relies on the place you reside and humidity ranges. Dryer climates would require extra water and vice versa.

You’ll be able to check the soil by sticking your finger in part of the soil to examine moisture ranges or carry your pot to see if it has any weight from holding water.

Ensure that your water temp is lukewarm to chill (consider rainwater temp). The string of pearls won’t tolerate excessive chilly or scorching temps when watering.

They like to be watered ceaselessly within the spring and summer time months (throughout its rising season), however again off on frequent watering within the fall/winter months. The string of pearls likes to dry out however not be bone dry.

How will you inform when it’s bone dry? The filth across the circumference of the pot will draw back from the pot. If this has occurred, no worries, give it a watering and attempt to water your plant sooner subsequent time to keep away from the filth drying out an excessive amount of.

If this occurred a number of instances, it may have an effect on your leaves and plant’s root well being. One other facet of root well being is root rot. This may be detrimental to your plant.

Root rot occurs when the roots stand in water too lengthy and so they ultimately rot and die. It may be a really unhappy and sluggish loss of life for a string of pearls.

In case you suspect that your plant has been sitting in water for too lengthy and it may need root rot, pull it out of the pot to examine the roots. If the roots are agency and grayish white, that’s nice. If they’re mushy and look blackish, then your plant doubtless has root rot.

If it’s not too far gone, you’ll be able to attempt to snip the useless roots off and go away the wholesome, agency ones. Putting the plant in recent (not waterlogged soil) will assist as effectively. 

What’s the finest form of water to make use of? If you’re utilizing faucet/metropolis water, you’ll be able to go away your faucet water out in an open container for twenty-four hours so among the chemical compounds evaporate. After 24 hours, the water is cleaner and more healthy in your plant!

Fluoride and chlorine can construct up in your string of pearls root system, so this methodology of leaving your water out will repay in the long term. Utilizing filtered water or collected rain water (in case you can) is a good choice, too!

When you have effectively water, then your plant will love that. My mates who’ve effectively water have THE finest crops. 


You’ll be able to propagate the string of pearls 3 ways! The primary manner is by utilizing water. First, discover a wholesome stem. I like to make use of stems which might be not less than 4-5 inches.

Utilizing clear scissors or slicing shears, minimize your stem. Take away any beads about 1.5-2 inches from the underside of the slicing.

Go away the stem laying out for twenty-four hours so the recent minimize on the tip of the stem can kind a callus. Ensure that it stays out of any daylight throughout this therapeutic interval.

After 24 hours, place your recent slicing in water. The facet of the slicing with the eliminated leafs will be positioned within the water. Preserve the remaining pearls above the water line.

Remember to change water anytime it will get cloudy and rinse out your vessel. Place in a sunny spot in your house. After 3-4 weeks it’s best to see little roots sprouting from the slicing! 

Wait till the roots are not less than 1 inch lengthy earlier than you plant it in filth. As soon as it is able to be potted, use a small terra-cotta or clay pot with good draining cactus/succulent soil.

I like to make use of a chopstick to create little holes for the newly rooted plant. Moisten calmly and your plant ought to begin rising.

The subsequent method to propagate is by utilizing filth. Utilizing the identical strategies as above, you’ll snip your plant, wait 24 hours, and as a substitute of inserting it in water, place your plant in soil (effectively draining, succulent soil).

Use a chopstick (or pencil) to create a recent gap in your new slicing, tuck the filth across the plant. I prefer to mist my plant to maintain the soil barely moist and never bone dry.

After about three weeks, I give the plant a really mild tug to see whether it is rooting. If the brand new slicing stays in place, then I do know new roots are forming. That is all the time thrilling! In case your plant has began to kind roots, then it’s prepared for a watering.

One other method to propagate your string of pearls is by layering. I discover this method to be the simplest. Take a recent pot of succulent soil, mist it, after which take a superb lengthy slicing out of your string of pearls. Swirl or coil the slicing excessive of the filth on the pot. 


I prefer to fertilize my plant as soon as a month through the rising season (spring and summer time) utilizing a balanced fertilizer. I take advantage of half of the producer’s advisable price once I combine my fertilizer.

I like liquid fertilizer as a result of it mixes so simply with the water and I don’t have to fret about it not being evenly distributed in my crops.

One factor I like about this species of plant is the completely different varieties. Pictured above is “String of Turtles”—the turtles seem like little turtles backs. “String of Watermelons” are plump and their leaves resemble a watermelon (pictured under). 

Aren’t they distinctive and eccentric? I hope you take pleasure in these crops as a lot as me! -Janae

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