It Is Time to Declare Our Independence From the Vaccinators

On July 4, 2023, it can have been 247 years for the reason that Declaration of Independence was drafted by Thomas Jefferson and signed by delegates of 13 American colonies formally declaring independence from political management by the King of England.1

“Mild and liberty go collectively” stated Jefferson2 and, in his closing letter to John Adams earlier than he and Adams each died on July 4, 1826, Jefferson predicted that no despot or tyrannical empire sooner or later would have the ability to crush the human spirit of resistance that guards liberty.

A fierce proponent of particular person rights,3 Jefferson stated, “The flames kindled on the 4th of July 1776 have unfold over an excessive amount of of the globe to be extinguished by the feeble engines of despotism. Quite the opposite, they’ll devour these engines, and all who work them.”4,5

Was Jefferson’s prediction proper? Or, as one of many earliest and most influential proponents of smallpox inoculation,6 may he by no means have imagined that the scientific and medical professions he beloved so nicely7 would someday forge profitable international enterprise partnerships with business and authorities and create a public well being empire that has grow to be a a lot larger menace to liberty than the monarchy he and his fellow revolutionaries rebelled in opposition to in 1776?8,9,10

After my son was injured in 1980 by the crude, poisonous complete cell pertussis vaccine in DPT photographs,11 I joined with different mother and father of DPT vaccine injured kids in 1982 to ascertain the charity recognized immediately because the Nationwide Vaccine Data Middle (NVIC) with the mission of stopping vaccine accidents and deaths by means of public training.12,13 We have now defended the authorized proper to make voluntary selections about vaccination for 41 years.14,15

Since then, I’ve watched the general public well being empire develop and use “no exceptions” vaccination legal guidelines because the tip of the spear within the nice tradition conflict gripping this and different nations world wide. It’s an ideological and political conflict that has been occurring for the reason that nineteenth century,16,17 pitting those that imagine in the best to autonomy and liberty in opposition to those that imagine in centralized, authoritarian authorities management.18,19,20,21

The way it ends will outline what freedom means for human populations world wide throughout this and plenty of centuries to come back. What’s at stake is whether or not or not our bodily BODY, which homes our thoughts and soul, will proceed to be regulated, altered and used with out our voluntary consent to attain objectives pursued by nationwide governments or, as some are predicting, a future one-world authorities.22,23

The New Aristocracy: Privileged ‘Consultants’ Name the Pictures

Essentially the most vocal proponents of compelled vaccination have all the time stuffed the ranks of professions that require possession of a complicated tutorial diploma — reminiscent of an M.D., Ph.D., J.D. — or different honorific title that mechanically confers an elevated standing in society with all of the respect, financial and social class advantages that come together with that privilege.24,25,26,27,28,29,30

Not like within the 18th century when the American colonies fought for freedom from a king, energy in western societies is not wielded by kings and queens and different aristocratic members of hereditary monarchies.

At this time, energy in most societies with consultant democratic governments and constitutional republics is wielded by a brand new aristocracy, a spider internet of extremely paid science, medical, authorized and enterprise “specialists” with massive titles working for governments31 and pharmaceutical,32 medical commerce,33 Massive Tech,34,35 military-Industrial,36 company media,37,38 banking,39,40 and different establishments.41,42,43,44,45

Politicians typically depend upon these titled specialists — like Dr. Anthony Fauci — to inform them what to imagine and do, particularly once they fly beneath the “science” flag and declare a public well being emergency.46 And, having the ability to make legal guidelines that govern the remainder of us, politicians are fast to train that energy when concern of the unknown interferes with rational considering.

Some of the primal human fears is concern of dying, and the science specialists calling the photographs in authorities well being companies and on the United Nations, particularly the World Well being Group, together with their Massive Pharma, Massive Tech and different Massive Cash companions, know that.47,48,49,50

After they declared a COVID pandemic emergency within the winter of 2020, they used concern of dying and their “skilled” standing as weapons to influence folks to desert rational considering, imagine the unbelievable, and quit liberty for the phantasm of security.

Throughout partial or full lockdowns, at the very least 4.5 billion folks in over 100 nations, together with 310 million Individuals in 43 states, have been immediately ordered to cover of their houses.51,52,53,54 We have been instructed to limit our respiration with paper and plastic masks — even kids as younger as 2 — and to remain 6 toes away from others if we entered a public area.55

In a state of shock, we noticed police taser the unmasked and dispatch drones to power folks indoors.56,57 We watched politicians shut eating places, shops, gyms, parks, theaters, church buildings and colleges, which led to isolation, psychological sickness and financial break.58,59,60

We grieved with the households blocked from holding the arms of their family members dying in retirement and nursing houses, and for the aged who died in hospitals after they have been mechanically placed on ventilators that killed most of them.61,62 We felt powerless when authorities well being officers instructed medical doctors they might not repurpose already licensed medicine like ivermectin to stop COVID problems or assist heal the sick.63,64,65

However the greatest weapon used throughout the peak of COVID hysteria was a really outdated one, one which has been round for greater than 200 years. Warning that “no one is secure till everyone seems to be secure,”66 the specialists in cost on the United Nations, World Well being Group and in authorities well being companies ordered each human on the earth to be injected with a pharmaceutical product referred to as a vaccine, a product bought for revenue that may injure, kill or fail to work as marketed.

Individuals have been tracked, coerced and, finally, many have been compelled to get vaccinated or face extreme penalties.67 No photographs, no faculty.68 No photographs, no medical care.69 No photographs, no job.70,71,72 No photographs, no journey.73 No photographs, no life. The Vaccinators dominated with an iron fist.

In response to The New York Instances, greater than 72% of the world’s inhabitants — some 5.5 billion folks, which reportedly included about 80% % of the U.S. inhabitants — bought at the very least one COVID shot,74 a organic product that has racked up greater than 1.5 million adversarial occasion experiences within the U.S. alone.75,76

The First Vaccinator Contaminated Youngsters With Cowpox

The Vaccinators — these people who make, promote, license, advocate, administer, promote and mandate pharmaceutical merchandise referred to as “vaccines” — have been round for so long as america of America. Essentially the most well-known Vaccinator, who’s credited with inventing the idea of vaccination, was an 18th century medical physician dwelling in England: Edward Jenner.

As city legend would have it, in 1796, Dr. Jenner took pus from a cowpox lesion on the pores and skin of a milkmaid and scratched it into the arm of a wholesome baby in hopes {that a} milder cowpox an infection would defend in opposition to critical circumstances of smallpox. It was an experimental apply that a number of different medical doctors in England had been doing for years.77,78

By the tip of the 18th century, smallpox was already naturally declining in severity in London, but it surely may nonetheless kill between 10 and 30% and depart many scarred with pockmarks.79 Jenner and the opposite medical doctors infecting wholesome kids with an animal illness to stop a human illness didn’t know precisely what would occur to the kids they experimented on.

They didn’t know something about what it might do to the physique of a person baby on the mobile and molecular stage, whether or not it might trigger acute reactions or uncontrolled irritation within the physique80,81 or whether or not it might alter immune,82 coronary heart83 or mind operate,84 or have an effect on chromosomal integrity.85

In spite of everything, medical medical doctors in 1796 have been nonetheless ritualistically bleeding and purging folks sick with smallpox and different ailments, in addition to proscribing vitamin. They have been doing the identical factor to many wholesome infants and adults earlier than performing arm-to-arm inoculation utilizing smallpox pus, a process referred to as variolation.86,87,88

What number of died of smallpox again then as a result of medical doctors insisted on limiting meals consumption and bleeding and purging them till that they had little power left to heal? There is no such thing as a query that cowpox inoculation was legendary for its skill to trigger extreme reactions, incapacity and dying,89 which can be true for smallpox vaccine nonetheless given to some troopers immediately.90,91

With missionary zeal, Jenner and his medical colleagues ignored the protests and pleas by moms and dads, who watched as soon as wholesome infants and kids get inoculated and be lined with open sores, whereas their feverish our bodies turned riddled with irritation and their hearts and brains have been completely broken, with an unknown variety of them losing away and dying inside just a few days or perhaps weeks or months of vaccination.92,93,94

Nonetheless, Jenner ultimately was capable of persuade influential medical doctors, particularly these heading up the brand new occupation of “public well being” funded by governments, to make use of arm-to-arm inoculation to contaminate all wholesome kids with cowpox.

Someplace alongside the best way, a brand new animal-human hybrid vaccinia virus emerged, which scientists immediately argue might be half cow or half horse — no one appears to know for certain — however routine inoculation with the stay vaccinia virus was described in early medical journals as “humanized vaccination.”95,96

Vaccination Did Not Confer Lifelong Immunity

Even within the 18th century, it was recognized that restoration from smallpox gave an individual what seemed to be lifelong immunity to the dreaded illness.97,98 Jenner thought-about himself to be a scientist and his unshakable perception that scratching cowpox pus into the arms of kids conferred sturdy immunity to smallpox was ultimately proven to be a delusion. In reality, by 1880, the proof confirmed that Jenner was improper — vaccination didn’t confer everlasting immunity.

Smallpox outbreaks have been occurring in England regardless of obligatory vaccination legal guidelines,99 similar to pertussis,100 mumps,101 measles,102,103,104 and polio105,106 outbreaks happen immediately, regardless of widespread vaccination legal guidelines. U.S. industrialist and philanthropist John Pitcairn pointed that out when he testified earlier than the Pennsylvania legislature in 1907 in opposition to obligatory smallpox vaccination. He stated:107

“Jenner started by claiming that vaccination made an individual immune for all times, however the information of commentary quickly resulted within the time period being shortened to 14 years; then it was made seven; then 5; then two; and within the Spanish-American Battle, six months was the restrict of immunity.”

Not solely did smallpox vaccination not present lifelong immunity, however stay vaccinia virus vaccination may unfold vaccine pressure an infection to different folks.108 The parable that vaccination is a certain assure of immunity is a persistent little bit of disinformation about vaccines that has been utilized by the Vaccinators for 2 centuries to justify public well being insurance policies implementing the acquisition and use of a number of doses of the identical vaccines — together with COVID vaccine.109,110

In 2020, that outdated delusion performed a key function in billions of individuals world wide believing the lie that COVID vaccine would assure that vaccinated folks couldn’t get contaminated with or transmit SARS-CoV-2.111,112

Poor Youngsters Utilized in Arm-to-Arm Vaccination Campaigns

After declaring a coronavirus pandemic emergency in 2020, the Vaccinators on the World Well being Group despatched out a press launch proclaiming that due to smallpox vaccination campaigns, “The world removed smallpox because of an unbelievable demonstration of worldwide solidarity, and since it had a secure and efficient vaccine.” They stated, “Solidarity plus science equaled resolution!”113

However the ugly reality concerning the historical past of vaccination is that for a century after Jenner’s newfound fame, little kids — principally working class, minority and orphaned kids — have been used to conduct arm-to-arm anti-smallpox campaigns that had nothing to do with science.

Youngsters have been the popular instruments of the brand new commerce as a result of they have been considered extra “pure”: their blood often was not contaminated with syphilis, tuberculosis and different ailments extra widespread to adults on the time.

Docs on the peak of the British Empire, scratched cowpox pus into the arms of kids dwelling within the slums in England and bodily transported them, typically in baggage holds, to colonized nations like India and elements of Africa in order that they might be used to contaminate indigenous kids. Governments, in addition to different social establishments, used the arm-to-arm vaccinia virus inoculation campaigns as political and social organizing instruments, particularly in poor communities.114

In 1870 throughout the Industrial Revolution, entrepreneurial medical doctors determined to mass produce the vaccinia virus by rising the virus on the pores and skin of younger cows, as a substitute of younger people. They referred to as the brand new product an “animal vaccine.” Vaccine “animal farms” populated by calves sprouted up throughout Europe and America to make the brand new vaccine commerce extra worthwhile for chemical corporations and medical doctors alike.

However there was little security regulation of the virus being grown in calves that medical doctors have been scratching onto the arms of infants and kids, who risked struggling excessive fevers, encephalitis and mind injury, full physique eczema vaccinatum that appears rather a lot like smallpox, and the deadly progressive vaccinia, which may result in bacterial superinfection and dying inside weeks of months of vaccination.115

After almost two centuries of mass vaccination campaigns, the Vaccinators declared smallpox eradicated within the late twentieth century — the primary and solely infectious microorganism they are saying vaccination has eradicated from the earth. However it was the extra selective strategy of quarantining the sick and focused ring vaccination of shut contacts primarily answerable for doing that.116,117,118

The Vaccinators Persecute Anybody Opposing Necessary Vaccination

The legitimate security issues of nineteenth and early twentieth century anti-mandatory vaccination activists, like Lora Little, a Minnesota mom whose 7-year-old son died after smallpox vaccination,119 and British scientist Alfred Russel Wallace,120 co-discoverer of the precept of pure choice, have been ridiculed by the Vaccinators aggressively lobbying politicians to cross obligatory smallpox vaccination legal guidelines.121

These pioneering thought leaders opposing compelled vaccination developed professional scientific and moral arguments which might be nonetheless legitimate immediately.122,123,124 But, they have been ridiculed, persecuted and discredited by the Vaccinators defending the politically highly effective, very worthwhile alliance between medical commerce, the chemical business and governments.

Similar to immediately, the Vaccinators slapped the “anti-science” label on anybody defending medical freedom and opposing obligatory vaccination.125,126,127,128 By 1905, a Lutheran pastor who had suffered a smallpox vaccine response challenged obligatory smallpox vaccination.

In a seminal U.S. Supreme Court docket ruling in Jacobson v. Massachusetts, the excessive stakes ideological debate dominated by the Vaccinators based mostly on a utilitarian “larger good” rationale well-liked in tutorial circles on the time prevailed.

The Supreme Court docket majority affirmed the constitutional authority of state legislatures to cross obligatory vaccination legal guidelines within the U.S.129 The Vaccinators took that authorized victory on the flip of the twentieth century and ran with all of it the best way to the banks funding the worldwide Public Well being Empire within the twenty first century.130

By 2022, the worldwide marketplace for preventive vaccines was valued at over $200 billion {dollars} — up from $34 billion in 2017131 — with a lot of that income assured to multinational drug companies by vaccination legal guidelines. And the worldwide pharmaceutical market had grow to be a 1.4 trillion-dollar enterprise, with the U.S. inhabitants paying for and utilizing 50% — or 550 billion {dollars}’ price — of all medicine and vaccines consumed on the earth.132

The Vaccinators Have Waged a Two-Century Battle on Microorganisms

Crippled by ignorance, blinded by hubris, for greater than two centuries the Vaccinators have waged a conflict on microorganisms, insisting that the one method to win that conflict is to create an increasing number of vaccines and compel everybody to purchase and use them.133,134,135 It began out with one vaccine focusing on one organism.

At this time the Vaccinators have declared conflict on 17 extra microorganisms, insisting each baby be given over 70 doses of vaccines136 to attempt to stop infectious ailments like chickenpox137 that don’t come near being in the identical class as smallpox.138 And now they need everybody to get an annual COVID shot together with an annual flu shot,139 whereas creating a protracted record of latest vaccines for all types of infectious — in addition to continual ailments — they need everybody to take.140,141

As an alternative of spending cash to sort out historic causes of poor well being — like poverty,142 poor sanitation,143 poor vitamin,144,145 and environmental air pollution,146 and creating efficient methods to assist folks get by means of infections with out struggling problems, the Vaccinators proceed to place all their eggs in a single basket.

Abandoning the precautionary precept to “first, do no hurt,” with tunnel imaginative and prescient they desperately maintain on to the nineteenth century vaccination paradigm and march ahead within the identify of consensus science147,148 and “the larger good,” taking down anybody who stands of their approach.149,150,151,152,153

What Else Do Vaccines Do?

Vaccine merchandise atypically manipulate the immune system by stimulating an acute inflammatory response within the physique154 however, in an unknown variety of folks, that irritation doesn’t resolve.155,156,157,158

And no one is aware of how lots of the lots of of thousands and thousands of kids and adults — with 1 in 2 in America now struggling with a continual inflammatory illness159 that damages the guts, mind, lungs, joints, immune system and different elements of the physique160,161 — can hint the start of their poor well being circumstances again to vaccinations that start on the day of start162 and proceed all through childhood and through being pregnant163 till the final 12 months of life.

We’ve finished what the Vaccinators have instructed us to do for 2 centuries. The vaccination price amongst faculty aged kids within the U.S. has been near 95% for the reason that Eighties.164,165

And but, immediately america of America has the worst maternal and toddler mortality price166,167 and the worst life expectancy price in comparison with different developed nations,168 whereas 1 baby in 6 is studying disabled;169 1 in 10 has allergy symptoms,170 ADHD171,172 or an nervousness dysfunction;173 1 in 36 develops autism;174 1 in 150 has epilepsy;175,176 1 in 285 is diabetic;177 and thousands and thousands extra are struggling with poor well being circumstances marked by continual irritation within the mind and different elements of the physique.178

It’s a continual illness and incapacity epidemic that accounts for 90 % of the 4.1 trillion {dollars} in annual US well being care prices.179

The place Is the Actual Science?

The place are the big, potential, long-term scientific research evaluating all morbidity and mortality outcomes in unvaccinated and extremely vaccinated people that folks of vaccine injured kids requested for greater than 25 years in the past?180,181

The place is the massive library of organic mechanism science investigating what occurs to the cells and mitochondria182,183 and chromosomes?184,185

What occurs to the microbiome186 and performance of the guts and mind and different organs when a pharmaceutical product containing elements of stay or genetically engineered human and animal viruses and micro organism, plus overseas proteins, chemical substances, metals, DNA and artificial mRNA is injected into the human physique over and time and again?187,188,189,190

No two human beings are precisely the identical, so the place ARE the methodologically sound research that designate how genetics,191 epigenetics,192,193,194 environmental components195,196 and different influences increase or decrease a person’s threat for problems from each infectious ailments or vaccination?197,198

The place IS the REAL science that Jenner didn’t know the right way to do, however may have been finished by now, if the Vaccinators actually needed to know the reality about “scientific” assumptions made when medical doctors have been nonetheless slicing open veins and purging the life out of each sick and wholesome folks two centuries in the past?

Why have we accepted vaccination as the best medical invention within the historical past of medication199 as a substitute of holding the Vaccinators accountable for what often is the greatest lie within the historical past of medication?

And even when vaccination IS the best invention within the historical past of medication, anybody with the ability to power you to change and threat damaging your physique or the physique of your minor baby with out your voluntary, knowledgeable consent has an excessive amount of energy,200 as a result of if the state can tag, observe down and power people to be injected with biologicals of recognized and unknown toxicity immediately, then there might be no restrict on which particular person freedoms the state can take away within the identify of the larger good tomorrow.

Taking Again Particular person Sovereignty From the Vaccinators

If the final three years taught us nothing else, we now know it’s time to declare our independence from the Vaccinators and take again particular person sovereignty,201 our proper to autonomy,202,203,204 earlier than it’s too late. Proper now, we have now a possibility to free ourselves from the chemical chains that empower the Vaccinators to alter who we’re, how we expect, what we imagine and what we are able to and can’t do.205,206

However we can’t liberate ourselves from these very costly chemical chains on the nationwide or international stage until freedom of speech is restored to its rightful place as a non-negotiable basic liberty for all. Beneath the U.S. Structure, freedom of speech means you will have the best to talk, write and share concepts and opinions with out going through punishment from the federal government.

Freedom of speech has been muzzled within the U.S. and plenty of different nations since 2020 on the course of the Vaccinators controlling policymaking in governments and on the United Nations, who’ve put stress on non-public companies working the WorldWideWeb and media to finish all public debate about obligatory vaccination.207,208,209

If the Vaccinators need to resort to censoring freedom of speech as a result of they’re so afraid of what the folks actually take into consideration vaccination, then they’ve already misplaced the talk.

I imagine Jefferson was proper. The flames of liberty kindled on the 4th of July 1776 have unfold over an excessive amount of of the globe to be extinguished by petty tyrants in governments and on the United Nations decided to use the folks for energy and revenue.

It’s time to publicly query why obligatory vaccination has been made the cornerstone of preventive well being applications for the reason that nineteenth century, when extremely vaccinated populations are sicker than ever within the twenty first century. It’s time to clear the best way for extra rational, enlightened approaches to sustaining well being and wellness that work in concord with nature as a substitute of branding each infectious illness as an enemy to be eradicated from the earth.210,211,212

What Can Be Accomplished?

There’s actually just one method to free ourselves from the Vaccinators and that’s to get rid of one-size-fits-all vaccination legal guidelines.213,214 Like each different pharmaceutical product bought within the market, vaccines must be topic to the regulation of provide and demand, and nobody must be penalized in any approach for making an knowledgeable selection about use of a product that may injure, kill or fail to work, and is bought by drug corporations with no legal responsibility when folks die or are disabled by the product.215

Within the U.S., most vaccine legal guidelines are state legal guidelines and at NVIC, we have now been working with households and state legislatures since 2010 by means of the free on-line NVIC Advocacy Portal to cease vaccine mandates and digital vaccine monitoring methods, and to increase medical, spiritual and conscientious perception vaccine exemptions.216

We’re dedicated to serving to you defend the authorized proper to get a faculty training, obtain medical care, have medical health insurance, maintain a job and transfer about freely in society with out being coerced or sanctioned for exercising knowledgeable consent to vaccination.

The years of laborious work we have now been doing within the states paid off massive time in 2021 when each one of many 50 state legislatures within the U.S. refused to mandate the COVID-19 vaccine. It was a victory that shouldn’t be underestimated.

There has by no means been a greater time to take motion, so please join and take motion at immediately and be part of this historic combat for independence.

What else are you able to do? You possibly can educate your neighborhood and take part in bettering authorities at each stage — from getting concerned in elections for varsity boards, metropolis and nation councils and sheriffs — to displaying up on the polls in state and federal elections. You possibly can run for workplace your self or make certain those that do run have integrity and are dedicated to defending civil liberties, together with the best to make voluntary selections about vaccination.

We have to elect lawmakers who will name a halt to the pay-for-play scheme that Congress gave the pharmaceutical business a long time in the past and cease drug corporations from paying the FDA217,218 to chop corners and fast-track their experimental medicine and vaccines to market — just like the notoriously reactive and ineffective mRNA COVID vaccine that already has netted Pfizer and Moderna a staggering $100 billion.219,220,221

We want a regulation to cease the revolving door between Massive Pharma and authorities companies222,223,224,225 so the Vaccinators can’t go to work for drug corporations after which work for presidency, after which return to working for drug corporations, whose merchandise they have been regulating and selling once they labored for presidency.

We want a regulation prohibiting analysis scientists employed by authorities companies in public-private enterprise partnerships with Pharma from holding patents on vaccines they create with drug corporations,226,227 to allow them to revenue from gross sales of these vaccines whether or not they proceed working for presidency or stop and work for drug corporations.

The U.S. is just one of two nations that enables direct-to-consumer promoting by drug corporations,228,229 which is why each different advert on TV is promoting prescribed drugs and selling vaccines. We want a regulation that unhooks mainstream media from their Pharma paymasters, so the media have extra incentive to inform the reality as a substitute of spewing out disinformation produced by the Vaccinators.

We want Congress to revive the civil legal responsibility provisions that have been initially within the Nationwide Childhood Vaccine Harm Act when it was handed in 1986 holding negligent medical doctors accountable for medical malpractice and holding drug corporations accountable for defectively designed vaccines.230

It’s shameful that the historic regulation, which acknowledged authorities licensed and really helpful childhood vaccines may cause damage and dying, was gutted after it was handed by weakening amendments and rule-making by federal companies that eradicated lots of the vaccine security, legal responsibility and federal compensation provisions that folks had labored so laborious to safe in it.231

We want Congress to conduct an investigation into and overhaul operation of the Division of Well being and Human Companies, together with taking away oversight on vaccine security and public well being analysis priorities and placing it into an impartial company that experiences on to Congress.232,233

We want state legislatures to cease mandating vaccines and cease creating digital vaccine monitoring methods missing knowledgeable consent protections,234 and cease passing legal guidelines that permit medical doctors to stress younger kids to get vaccinated with out the information or consent of their mother and father.235

We want elected state representatives to take again their energy to make public well being regulation as a substitute of turning over that energy to unelected staff working in public well being departments.236 And, we want legal guidelines prohibiting medical doctors from denying medical care to kids and adults solely based mostly on their vaccination standing.237,238,239

There’s a lot that may be finished to interrupt the chemical chains that tie the folks to the Vaccinators from the day of start to the final 12 months of life — however provided that we cease taking our freedom with no consideration and anticipating another person to do it for us.

You have got the God-given proper to autonomy, the best to guard the organic integrity of your physique and that of your minor baby. You have got the pure proper to train freedom of thought and to make use of your intestine instincts, mom’s instinct and customary sense when making a benefit-risk determination about taking a medical threat. Don’t be afraid to say “no” to a physician or anybody pressuring you to take a vaccine or give your baby a vaccine you don’t think about to be secure or efficient.

You have got the civil proper to train freedom of speech. Don’t be afraid to speak to your loved ones, buddies and lawmakers about why you suppose it is very important defend freedom of speech and the moral precept of knowledgeable consent to medical threat taking, which incorporates vaccine threat taking.

We will all do one thing every single day — regardless of how massive or small — to guard the beating coronary heart of liberty. Contact NVIC and be part of the revolution. Make a donation. Take motion.

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Be the one who by no means has to say you didn’t do immediately what you can have finished to alter tomorrow. It is your well being. Your loved ones. Your Selection. And our mission continues: No compelled vaccination. Not in America.

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