Hybrid Stringing – Roger Federer’s Stringing Technique of Alternative

When you have ever performed with a pure intestine string earlier than, you’ll seemingly have discovered it to be essentially the most playable and arm pleasant string going. Nonetheless, it’s costly and in the event you’re a heavy topspin participant, the sturdiness of the strings comes into query.

On the flip facet, polyesters present a lot better sturdiness, while providing unrivalled ranges of spin and management. However the strings are unforgiving on the arm and have triggered numerous gamers issues with tennis elbow.

If solely there was a option to mix one of the best qualities of various kinds of strings while lessening every of their limitations in the identical racquet.

Welcome to the world of hybrid tennis stringing. It’s additionally the string setup of selection for Roger Federer so let’s have a look.

What’s a Hybrid?

federer hybrid

A hybrid string setup is the usage of two completely different strings within the mains and cross strings of a tennis racquet.

This may be so simple as utilizing two completely different gauges of the identical string however is extra generally performed with two fully completely different string supplies. For instance, pure intestine with a polyester.

Hybrid setups are extraordinarily frequent on the ATP and WTA professional excursions proper now with gamers selecting a powerful, endurance-type string within the mains like Babolat RPM Blast or Luxilon and pairing it with a softer string within the crosses equivalent to pure intestine or a multifilament.

Why Do Gamers Select To String With a Hybrid Setup?

natural gut colour coating

About 80% of the playability in your racquet comes from the principle strings, due to this fact the mains are often the primary to interrupt.

When you put a polyester string within the mains that’s the string that’s doing many of the work and due to its sturdiness, will enhance the longevity of the string job in addition to offering entry to large spin and management that these kind of strings supply.

Coupling the sturdy string with softer strings within the crosses will lower the harshness that you simply’d get with a full polyester string mattress. And on the identical time negate the poorer sturdiness {that a} full mattress of pure intestine provides. 

So while it’s not mathematically one of the best of each worlds as one string remains to be doing extra of the work, it’s nonetheless an in depth compromise whereby you get the advantages of each strings and offset the constraints they every have.

Both limiting the facility of intestine mains or wanting extra spin however nonetheless having management is why most professionals use a hybrid, however for the membership participant, the opposite profit is value.

A hybrid string job can decrease the price of an costly string. Let’s say you’re a large fan of pure intestine, however the hefty price ticket coupled with frequent restringing makes it too expensive. As a substitute, utilizing a less expensive, harder string within the crosses will enhance sturdiness and decrease the general value.

Will it play precisely like a full set mattress of pure intestine? No. However it’s habitable and the discount in playability doesn’t outweigh the cost-saving for lots of gamers. 

By choosing completely different hybrid mixtures of string, gamers can fine-tune the playability of their racquet. Consolation, sturdiness, liveliness and management can all be tweaked so that you get a mix of the 2 and for lots of gamers that mix is preferable.

Roger Federer’s Hybrid String Setup

Hybrid String Setup

In some methods, Roger Federer is the grandfather of the hybrid string setup as he’s been utilizing it since 2002 with a mixture of Wilson pure intestine and Luxilon ALU Energy Tough. 

Federer’s actual setup is called a reverse hybrid as he makes use of pure intestine in his important strings and Luxilon within the cross strings. That setup provides a livelier really feel on contact but additionally provides loads of spin potential and has paved the way in which for gamers like Serena Williams, Kei Nishikori and Grigor Dimitrov to additionally use a hybrid string setup.

Having pure intestine within the mains means the playability is extra comfy as a result of the emphasis is on the extra forgiving strings. It additionally provides entry to extra energy because of the properties of pure intestine. The Luxilon within the crosses tempers the facility of the pure intestine and offers Federer entry to extra spin and management.

Ought to You Copy Federer’s Hybrid String Setup?

For gamers who aren’t string breakers, don’t thoughts restringing typically or favor a softer really feel oriented string mattress then you’ll like Federer’s setup.

After all, sturdiness just isn’t as spectacular, however there’s higher really feel and Roger Federer doesn’t fear about breaking strings as he will get a freshly strung racquet out the sport earlier than new balls.

Personally, I discover Federer’s setup feels and performs one of the best of any hybrid I’ve tried. The polyester tempers the facility of the intestine and you’re nonetheless capable of impart a whole lot of spin on the ball with out placing an excessive amount of pressure on the arm because of joint friendliness of the pure intestine.

The one adverse is value, in the event you use a excessive finish coated intestine and a high-end slick poly like Luxilon, just like the pre-packaged Champions Alternative then the string value alone is like $40. Alu tough additionally frays intestine shortly because of the ridged floor.

When you use a pure intestine within the mains and wish to acquire some additional sturdiness, check out my put up on string savers. They’re designed to lower the friction between the strings.

Ought to I String with a Hybrid Setup?

hybrid stringing

Earlier than you leap the gun and go purchase a set of Wilson’s Champion Alternative, you have to ask your self the next:

What do I wish to get out of this alteration in string setup?

When you don’t have an concept of what you’re in search of, it’s troublesome to see outcomes and you find yourself with a foul stringing expertise.

I like to consider hybrid stringing as discovering a stability and tempering the properties of 1 string with one other and in my expertise, most gamers change to a hybrid setup with the intention to enhance sturdiness. However any of the under are frequent causes:

  • Enhance the sturdiness of the strings
  • Increase the playability of the racquet.
  • Change desired string mattress stiffness
  • Obtain a stability between energy and management.
  • Enhance high spin functionality
  • Decrease the stiffness of a racquet to make it arm pleasant
  • Cut back the price of stringing a racquet.

Let’s take a look at the sturdiness angle. In case you are carrying via artificial strings, multifilaments or pure intestine faster than you’d like (or your funds aren’t having fun with it) then you’ll most likely look into switching to a polyester string.

Earlier than going pull polyester, you may wish to strive poly mains with artificial intestine (or no matter you’re at present utilizing) within the crosses.

As I discussed above, the mains do many of the work, so solely switching these to polyester could be all you want. Plus, you’ll nonetheless have the facility, consolation and really feel of the artificial intestine cross strings. You may nonetheless break strings, nevertheless it ought to take noticeably longer. 

When you’re a full polyester participant and are beginning to really feel it on the arm or joints, then mixing your poly mains with a pure intestine or mushy multifilament will take that harshness away and luxury will enhance dramatically. 

That is the setup Andy Murray makes use of with Luxilon within the mains and a pure intestine within the crosses. This can be a good setup, however in the event you aren’t having arm issues, then it would be best to determine if paying for a premium cross string that isn’t including a lot in the way in which of playability is price it in comparison with an artificial intestine.

When you have been utilizing a full mattress of pure intestine and are struggling to search out the strains, then you may take Federer’s strategy and put a polyester string within the crosses. The upper stiffness of the poly reduces the facility of the racquet so that you acquire extra management. One factor to concentrate on right here is with a tough textured polyester the poly will chew via the pure intestine shortly.

So do you have to string hybrid? A hybrid setup actually is sensible for lots of gamers. Most leisure participant will be unable to deal with a full set of polyester due to the stiffness and lack of dwell time on the strings. Subsequently going polyester within the mains with an artificial intestine or multifilament tends to be the setup that I like to recommend for almost all of gamers.

What String Pressure Ought to You String A Hybrid At?


As you may see from Federer’s instance above, you may fluctuate the strain between strings. The overall rule most gamers comply with is that softer, longer important strings ought to be strung tighter than the shorter poly cross strings to convey the the string mattress to a extra proportional rigidity.

The opposite concept right here is the scale of the ‘candy spot’ will increase. I don’t just like the time period candy spot, nevertheless it’s generally used. For rigidity variance, purpose for 2-3lbs and don’t go above 5lbs.

Nonetheless, that is in no way a ‘regulation’ and plenty of gamers string the mains and crosses at an identical tensions whether or not it’s a hybrid, one piece, 2 knots for 4. So it varies considerably amongst gamers.

Hybrids Utilizing Totally different String Gauges

x one biphase

One different hybrid setup is to make use of two completely different gauges of the identical string. Once more that is performed to extend sturdiness, consolation, or spin.

An instance right here may very well be, you’re a large fan of 17 gauge Technifibre X-One Biphase nevertheless it breaks too shortly.

Fairly than switching fully straight to a full set of thicker 16 gauge X-One Biphase, put the thicker string within the mains, and maintain your most popular 17 within the crosses.

The result could be that you simply get the added sturdiness with out a complete change in really feel.

Professional Gamers That String With a Hybrid Setup

nishikori luxilon element
  • Roger Federer: Wilson Pure Intestine within the mains and Luxilon ALU Tough within the crosses
  • Grigor Dimitrov: Luxilon 4G within the mains and Wilson Pure Intestine within the crosses
  • Kei Nishikori: Wilson Pure Intestine within the mains and Luxilon Component within the crosses
  • Serena Williams: Wilson Pure Intestine within the mains and Luxilon 4G within the crosses
  • Genie Bouchard: RPM Blast in the principle and VS Contact within the crosses
  • Felix Auger-Aliassime: VS Contact within the mains and RPM Crew within the crosses
  • Jo-Wilfried Tsonga: VS Crew within the mains and RPM Crew within the crosses

Know any extra participant setups? Let me know within the feedback and I’ll add them in.

Felix Auger Aliassime has VS Contact within the mains and RPM Crew within the crosses. It’s his coach that advised this mixture for him. He needed to convey Felix a dynamic string so he may use his contact extra successfully moderately than relying solely on uncooked energy. This was a major transfer to arrange him for the transition from juniors to ATP the place there are extra kinds of play than he’s used to. The hybrid stringing allowed him to take his recreation to the following degree in a short time. François-Xavier Quesse, Babolat

Really helpful Hybrid Tennis String Setups for 2020

Champions Choice Hybrid

The recognition and demand for hybrids imply that many string producers promote prepackaged units. As a substitute of needing to purchase two full units of various strings and slicing them in half, firms are placing half-sets in a single package deal.

This, after all, makes it a lot easier for the experimenting client and the stringer. Though do bear in mind there’s a comfort cost right here so that you do pay bit additional.

There’s all kinds of hybrid string mixtures that can be utilized, and like I’ve mentioned on a whole lot of posts, deciding on the proper one for you boils down to non-public desire. What works for one participant won’t work for the following.

This presents one of many drawbacks of hybrids: the string prospects are countless. With so many varieties of string available on the market, a participant can go loopy looking for the proper mixture. 

Three Hybrids I Advocate:

Ultimate Ideas

Experimenting with hybrid stringing may assist you to acquire an edge in your opponents so in the event you haven’t tried it and really feel like your recreation is lacking one thing, it’s price testing.

As I’ve mentioned, think about what you have to enhance in your recreation (i.e. extra energy, extra management, much less restrings because of breakages, extra consolation, and many others.), and work along with your stringer to provide a hybrid that may ship it. Chances are you’ll discover that hybrid stringing was the lacking piece in your tennis puzzle.

Does that imply hybrid stringing is a few magic bullet? After all not. A full mattress of artificial intestine works simply positive for a lot of gamers. For superior gamers, a full set of polyester generally is a more sensible choice.

The truth is, the expertise developments imply some polyesters truly really feel and reply fairly properly lately. Some gamers are even stringing with two completely different polys, a tough and a clean. Not one thing I’ve tried nevertheless it’s on the to-do listing.

Are you a fan of hybrid tennis strings? If that’s the case, what’s your favorite hybrid mixture? Let me know within the feedback.

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