Aleksandr Dugin – the time of half-measures is over, and our battle has each probability of being the final

By Aleksandr Dugin

Aleksandr Gelyevich Dugin is a extremely revered political thinker, analyst, and strategist in Russia whose popularity within the West is being questioned by legacy media by focused propaganda.

Due to his philosophical closeness to Vladimir Putin, his daughter Darya Dugina was murdered just a few weeks in the past by a Ukrainian particular agent who in flip received killed later in revenge as nicely.

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Listed here are Dugin’s ideas on the current state of affairs in Russia and past.

Aleksandr Dugin. (Photo internet reproduction)
Aleksandr Dugin. (Photograph web replica)


For Moscow, this can be a mortal battle – however just for the necessities to develop into an empire.

For us, due to this fact, the whole lot is at stake. However, the Sea (West) wouldn’t endure a lot even when it have been to lose all of Ukraine.

We now have been preventing for eight months, spilling rivers of blood, shedding many lives, together with harmless ones, breaking all ties and agreements, taking dangers, advancing, retreating, hanging, and taking blows.

And already terrorist assaults on Russian territory have develop into the norm, and every new assault is getting nastier and harsher, and everybody has the unusual feeling that we’re ready for one thing.

A sort of purple line… Every little thing that might be crossed has been crossed.

Within the present state of affairs, it’s neither doable to give up nor to barter. Both we are going to win, and victory can be complete, or we are going to lose, after which we is not going to even be allowed to open our mouths.

We aren’t ready for something. There may be nothing to attend for.

We should be part of the combat and go to the entrance; those that aren’t with us are towards us, the entrance is just not solely outdoors the western borders of the Motherland, but it surely runs inside Russia.

It’s now in every single place, and if somebody seems like a traitor and acts like a traitor, they’re most probably a traitor.

There isn’t a want to attend any longer.

Every little thing relies on us, on every certainly one of us. Energy alone, with out the individuals, with out society, in a purely technical, surgically exact, and fast method, because it appears to have been deliberate in the beginning, has not been capable of win this battle.

whether it is now our struggle, the authorities even have obligations earlier than the individuals and society.

Methods should be formulated clearly and unemotionally.

Then the whole lot will go because it ought to, and nobody will wait any longer. One doesn’t wait on the entrance; one fights on the entrance.

In a individuals’s struggle, the individuals are the facility. The state ‘is’ us.

The federal government’s initially obligation to the individuals is to win the struggle. Sure, altogether, however to win.

If there are not any sources, let’s create them collectively, discover them, and pull them out of the bottom.

If there are incompetent idiots on the prime, let’s look downstairs, two-story, three-story; let’s flip to those that have been sidelined, silenced, ignored, and feared for numerous causes.

That is clearly the place the answer lies.

If individuals are patriotic and desirous to take part in Victory, sparing nothing, then allow them to strive; in the event that they fail we are going to take others.

We now have a fantastic nation, however we should open the doorways resulting in victory and glory and mercilessly weed out these hooked up to their place.

It’s essential to cease the method of rotation of elites in vital situations for the nation; when one decides to be or to not be, it’s in itself a betrayal.

There are not any purple strains; we’re on the opposite aspect.

spilling rivers, Aleksandr Dugin – the time of half-measures is over, and our battle has every chance of being the last

The enemy’s assaults will proceed in all instructions: the struggle has been occurring for a very long time inside Russia and may attain everybody.

Outdoors Russia, the demonic scum will assault and tear each Russian aside, with out listening to their excuses.

The individuals’s struggle begins when a lethal menace looms over the complete nation and the a part of it that doesn’t think about itself a individuals or has by no means thought of it, and this half is now a goal.

The entrance is right here, now.

Sometimes, we have to name a spade a spade. The unstated and half-truths produce labyrinths of ambiguity, which in flip create whirlpools and turbulent currents through which fact disperses, and dissolves.

Transferring within the wake of the conjuncture, phrases and discourses degenerate irreversibly. In the end, nobody believes anybody anymore, and the whole lot comes crashing down.

We’re shut so far, so we should have the braveness to make issues clear.

The restrict is the undermining of the Crimean bridge.

Then there may be the reality – as onerous as it could be – and the onerous street to salvation and victory. Or… And this you’ll be able to guess for your self, I don’t need to scare anybody – everyone seems to be, I believe, sufficiently conscious of the gravity of our state of affairs.

There may be worldwide regulation, and there may be geopolitics. Worldwide regulation describes how issues ought to look; geopolitics describes how issues are.

There may be all the time a niche between ‘being’ and ‘seeming’.

Geopolitically talking, in 1991 Russia suffered a colossal defeat within the battle of Land versus Sea (Heartland versus Rimland, based on the classes of classical geopolitics, Ed.).

We surrendered, threw down the white flag, and known as it Yeltsin (the Yeltsin Centre is identical factor, a monument to defeat and betrayal).

Furthermore, we accepted the ‘fact’ of the enemy, its worth system, its norms, its guidelines, parliamentarianism, liberal democracy, the ideology of individualism, hedonism, and luxury, the market.

Thus the Russian Federation was born, as a vassal of the West, and Moscow was pressured to acknowledge the independence of its former territories, the republics, which gained their independence from us and robotically grew to become depending on the West.

The place the Land goes, the Sea comes. That’s the regulation. Three of the Baltic territories have been instantly included in NATO; the others fell into line.

Internationally, this was mirrored within the Russian Federation’s recognition of the independence of the previous components of Better Russia, but it surely was solely a mirrored image of geopolitical realities.

Motherland had misplaced and was pressured to acknowledge the need of the victorious Sea.

We have been additional ‘pressured’ to present away Chechnya, the North Caucasus, the Volga area, the Urals, Siberia, and the Far East.

‘Take all of the sovereignty you need,’ it learn.

On the finish of 1993, Yeltsin all of a sudden realized and determined that he was now not ‘pressured’.

Thus started the primary Chechen marketing campaign. It was a horrible, shameful, monstrous marketing campaign, however… it was the primary signal that there was one thing in Russia that resisted its full occupation by the Sea.

The liberals have been on the aspect of the separatists.

Our reformers noticed themselves as a colonial administration, the gauleiter of subjugated areas in a geopolitical struggle. The Russian Federation was conceived as a colonial entity with minimal sovereignty, and this sovereignty was to develop into much less and fewer.

The post-Soviet house, and within the plans of Western strategists the post-Russian house, was to regularly come beneath the direct management of NATO, and the fifth column of liberals ruling in Moscow on the time was to facilitate this course of in any approach doable.

This included sabotaging the primary Chechen marketing campaign.

This culminated within the Khasavyurt peace course of and the consolidation of the oligarchs round Yeltsin, who had utterly misplaced the individuals’s belief and skill to control.

Common Lebed is the prime instance of a high-ranking Russian navy officer who betrayed the state and went into the enemy’s service.

All of it ended within the late Nineteen Nineties when the Western-controlled Wahhabis invaded Moscow and Dagestan and directed terror (assaults, sabotage, raids).

Russia’s ‘forcing’ in direction of additional disintegration continued. The state of affairs grew to become vital, as it’s now, certainly extra so than then.

Then got here the Putin period, which was a radical change, initially in geopolitics. The Earth refused to disintegrate and started a determined wrestle to regain sovereignty.

That is the second Chechen marketing campaign, very tough, however victorious.

It cast the phenomenon of Kadyrov and the facility of the Mainland, Eurasia, and Hartland, which defended itself towards the assault of the Sea.

Putin is now on the street to geopolitical reconquest; that is his mission.

Putin is Eurasia returning to its subjectivity. And nothing else. Every little thing else is non-Putin.

On the stage of worldwide regulation, Russia’s rise from its knees has already been compressed right into a framework of recognition of the independence of the international locations of the previous USSR, and this type of ‘coercion’ has been secured by the geopolitical potential of NATO.

In a speech in Munich in 2007, Putin challenged this establishment within the geopolitical steadiness on a theoretical stage.

In 2008, in South Ossetia and Abkhazia, Russia challenged the post-Soviet establishment in observe.

That’s, the strengthening of our geopolitical sovereignty led us to dare to alter the post-Soviet borders. Geopolitics got here into play, compressing worldwide regulation.

Then got here Maidan, the reunification of Crimea, and the Donbas rebel.

Maidan grew to become the Sea’s gesture of assault, whereas Crimea and Donbas grew to become the Earth’s response. As soon as once more, we now have restructured worldwide regulation to suit geopolitics.

Worldwide regulation incorporates an ambiguous clause concerning the precedence of the territorial integrity of nation-states and on the identical time the correct of peoples to self-determination.

In observe, it all the time ends in a geopolitical steadiness of energy between Land and Sea.

The Heartland insists that South Ossetia and Abkhazia are unbiased, whereas Crimea, at the moment’s Donetsk and Lugansk Republics, Kherson, and Zaporizhia are ours.


Sea insists Yugoslavia is not any extra and Kosovo is ‘unbiased’. Solely power. Solely geopolitics.

And worldwide regulation adapts submit factum to what emerges in geopolitical observe. Geopolitics is the bare fact, whereas worldwide regulation is a superstructure, a go well with, a body.

Now think about the SMO (Russian particular navy operation): it was initiated as a result of the nation determined to take an extra step to revive its place within the steadiness of energy.

Moscow’s habits within the Putin period, and thus within the interval of restoring geopolitical sovereignty, has not been very according to worldwide regulation, which established the existence of nation-states within the post-Soviet house.

The distinction is that Russia beneath Yeltsin was semi-colonial, whereas beneath Putin it has taken the street to true independence.

Nevertheless, the Yeltsin Centre exists, as does Moscow’s formal recognition of Ukraine as a ‘nation-state’.

There are additionally liberal reformers in Russia itself, as continuity and at the same time as a compromise between betrayal and loyalty.

This ambivalence led to 2014.

Stopping our eastward motion in Ukraine and attempting to accept Crimea was a mistake. That is now apparent to everybody.

Why maintain mendacity concerning the ‘crafty plan’?

There was none, however the connection to Yeltsin’s middle, the attachment to the Nineteen Nineties, the West, globalism, and the ocean was liable for this deadly mistake.

We’re again to the identical level, solely in a a lot worse beginning place, which may have been solved by the success of the SMO in its first section, however this didn’t occur.

From a geopolitical perspective, Russia can’t even permit the very existence of Ukraine because the bridgehead of the Atlantic, Sea, and Western Terrorist Organisations.

All geopoliticians – from the founding father of this science, Mackinder, the previous Entente Commissioner for Ukraine, and Zbigniew Brzezinski to our Eurasians and the trendy Russian college of geopolitics – have understood this very nicely.

Russia is a topic, an empire, an unbiased geopolitical power solely along with Ukraine (no less than along with Novorossia).

That is… the regulation. Mackinder and Brzezinski have concluded that the West should get Ukraine out from beneath Russia’s ft in any respect prices.

Russian geopoliticians have come to the precise reverse conclusion: Ukraine and Russia (in addition to different components of Better Russia, the post-Soviet house) should stand with Russia or no less than be impartial.

Direct hostility and management over them by the Sea is dominated out, and no worldwide regulation is an impediment right here. If we’re certainly Russia, then there needs to be no anti-Russia alongside our borders.

In different phrases: the Belovezh Accords (Minsk agreements) as a signature of our loss solely exist so long as Russia stays beneath the Western rule, weak and principally occupied, led by a colonial elite.

If Russia is actually sovereign, it’s the just one that needs to be so in the complete post-Soviet house.

That is what the SMO is all about.

When diplomacy, economics, and worldwide treaties start, all this now not issues. Solely geopolitics stays. Solely victory, in any respect ranges and on all fronts.

That is the primary time that Russia intends to overview the geopolitical outcomes of the Chilly Battle on a big scale.

It implies that Russia has determined – it has already determined, we’re speaking concerning the latest previous and the current, not simply the long run – to alter the unipolar world order and enter into direct battle with the Sea Civilisation, with its Anglo-Saxon core.

It’s a mortal battle for Moscow – however just for the necessities to develop into an empire.

For us, due to this fact, the whole lot is at stake. However, the Sea wouldn’t endure a lot even when it misplaced all of Ukraine.

There’ll nonetheless be some ways through which the West will attempt to stifle it with sanctions, commerce restrictions, and technological hunger.

However for us, the weak point of the SMO is solely deadly.

It’s inconceivable, nor vital, to elucidate to anybody that we have been pressured to provoke it and that we have been guided solely by humanitarian issues. That is rhetoric. We now have staked the whole lot on the true sovereignty of civilization.

It’s, due to this fact, vital to appreciate this. Russia has determined to alter the world order and now the complete society should be shortly rebuilt in a brand new Eurasian and patriotic approach.

It considerations the facility constructions, the place clearly many issues accrued through the semi-colonial period.

Partly, there may be actual sabotage – the skillful promotion to key positions of blatantly inept figures, the marginalization of deserving and powerful leaders, the deliberate immersion in numerous technical particulars, and, lastly, outright corruption – successfully legalized by capitalism and the ‘Yeltsin Centre’ period.

Alexander Dugin and daughter Darya Dugina. (Photo internet reproduction)
Alexander Dugin and daughter Darya Dugina. (Photograph web replica)

We see this within the habits of Voentorg through the partial mobilization and in every single place else.

The primary downside at the moment is our power potential, the roots of which lie in society, the absence of ideology, the snug and decadent life-style, and the truth imposed on us after the defeat and capitulation of the Nineteen Nineties.

We’re reaping the fruits of a paradigmatic psychological occupation of Russia.

Putin has already given the tip sign, however to whom has he given it?

If not the direct influencers, then the merchandise of this long-term sabotage – the spoiled, corrupt, cynical, and sometimes merely incompetent and intellectually inferior (in caring for their very own bellies, nonetheless, they’re fairly full) representatives of the elite that developed within the black Nineteen Nineties.

And this garbage is designed to make sure Russia’s victory in probably the most tough confrontation with a monstrous enemy, resolute, technically geared up, and maniacally satisfied of its rightness…

That is actually not concerning the Ukrainians, who’re zombified victims among the many Japanese Slavs, and who’re our brothers.

It’s concerning the West, concerning the Sea civilization, concerning the plans of the globalist elites to show world domination right into a triumph of Devil’s civilization, and they’re decided to do it.

Look what fashionable Western gender and post-humanist tradition and philosophy have was, a veritable direct chanting of hell.

In Russia itself, a second of radical, fast, and pressing change has arrived.

A second when the phrases ‘brothers and sisters’ fairly than ‘expensive Russians’ come from the guts.

“All for the entrance and all for victory” fairly than the pathetic babbling of officers attempting to unite the inseparable.

The sacred struggle of the complete nation not for all times however dying, and the principles of worldwide regulation that nobody respects.

To interrupt by the fronts, we should combat onerous inside. The period of half-measures and compromises is over, and our battle has each probability of being, this time, the final.

Translation by Lorenzo Maria Pacini

This submit is mirrored and was printed first in Russia.

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