20VC: Classes from Alfred Lin and Ron Conway | Why the World Does Not Need Your Startup To Exist and How the Greatest Founders Struggle It | How To Construct Moats and Defensibility Towards Massive Incumbents with Tarek Mansour, Founder & CEO @ Kalshi

Posted on thirtieth September 2022 by hstebbings1

Tarek Mansour is the Founder and CEO @ Kalshi, the primary regulated trade the place you may commerce instantly on the end result of occasions. Tarek has raised funding from a few of the finest together with Alfred Lin @ Sequoia, Ali Partovi @ Neo, Ron Conway, Charles Schwab and Henry Kravis. Earlier than founding Kalshi, Tarek labored on the likes of Citadel, Palantir and Goldman Sachs, in varied completely different roles.

In At the moment’s Episode with Tarek Mansour We Talk about:

1.) Entry into Startups:

  • How did Tarek make his approach from a nerdy child in Lebanon to having his first startup funded by Sequoia and billionaires likes Charles Schwab and Henry Kravis?
  • How did his mom’s steady need for excellence change Tarek’s mindset?
  • What are the largest classes that Tarek took from his mom’s strict parenting and the way did he apply them to how he manages the workforce at Kalshi at this time?

2.) What it Takes to Succeed:

  • Why does Tarek imagine that the world doesn’t need your startup to exist?
  • In that case, what are the core traits that founders have to struggle this headwind?
  • Does Tarek imagine in work-life stability? What are a few of the struggles of this?
  • Does Tarek imagine you need to work in your weaknesses or double down in your strengths?

3.) Constructing the Crew:

  • Does Tarek imagine that naivete is a power or a weak point? At what level does it change between being a power to being a weak point?
  • Does Tarek desire to rent extra senior skilled individuals or youthful hustlers with extra vitality?
  • What have been the one greatest hiring errors that Tarek has made? How has it modified his method to workforce constructing?
  • What’s the one single trait that if Tarek sees, he is not going to rent?
  • How does Tarek make the interview course of each enjoyable however completely different and difficult?
  • The place achieve this many founders make errors in how they assemble the hiring course of?

4.) Tarek Mansour: AMA:

  • What have been the one greatest classes from working with Ron Conway and Alfred Lin?
  • What are a few of Tarek’s greatest insecurities in management at this time?
  • What does Tarek know now that he needs he had identified at first of his time with Kalshi?
  • What would Tarek most like to alter in regards to the world of startups?

Objects Talked about in At the moment’s Present:

Tarek’s Favorite E book: By no means Cut up the Distinction: Negotiating as If Your Life Relied on It 

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